Your Mind on Set of a Nude Shoot Part One
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Sunday 23 November 2014
By Mr. GC
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On my way to a photo shoot. This is my first nude shoot and my mind is running on if my body is ready and if I am ready. What if I mess up? What if this is a set up? Why am I doing this? I arrive and call the photographer. I walk in and hear the music I need to hear that I suggested to the photographer to play for me. The temperature is just right. Should I strip now or wait? The photographer said to get realized and offer water and minor snacks. I refused because I am anxious and I want to get this over with but I am not sure what to do. Why can't he hurry up so and can get this over with. He shows me to my room to prepare. The music is still going. I strip and mentally prepare. I try to shake off any nervous in me but it is tough. On the set in front on the camera. The flash went off with a “pop” and the photographer patiently told me to loosen up. He gave me time to loosen up and started a conversation that calmed me down. Again, in front of the camera. My hands were sweaty and my heart was beating a mile a minute. Trying my best to concentrate, I twisted into an elegant pose and took a deep breath to soften my expression. The resulting photograph was beautiful but the experience was terrifying.


Make that connection with the professional if you need to. You have to be always ready to produce. Things happen before the shoot but you have to overcome it quick and put on your acting skills on if needed. Get in your zone at all means. Remember how much time you have. Never many excuses. Practice. Practice. Preparing. Practice. Be open. Produce results.

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